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Curious by nature, Olivier Mottaz has alternated as a writer of erotica for hotlines, forecaster for betting on horseracing, teacher and researcher in the history of art, production manager for Editions Slatkine and editor of a platform for leisure activities. In 2013, he founded Editions Stentor. Since May 2017, he is Chief Editor of the Alimentarium eMagazine.

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04.05.2020 Olivier Mottaz

Where do you draw the line regarding what you eat?

Some people are very proud about the fact that they eat everything. Others, however, are a bit picky. What about you? Which kind of eater would you say you are? Are there lots of things you detest, or just a few? This simple test is purely for fun and draws no scientific conclusions whatsoever, though you’ll soon see if you’re more of a competitive omnivore or if the list of food you like would fit on a postage stamp.

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29.07.2019 Olivier Mottaz

With his feet firmly in the soil and his head in the clouds, this curious Protestant hedonist sculpts high-quality wines.

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26.07.2017 Olivier Mottaz
When attempts to eat ‘healthful’, natural food verge on an obsession: How do orthorexics describe their relationship with food?
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©RMN Grand Palais (domaine de Chantilly)  René Gabriel Ojéda_02-006559.png
22.04.2015 Olivier Mottaz
Depending on one’s view, the theme of nursing can arouse affection or be unsettling. How did artists from different periods of history choose to present it?
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