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The Food Sector

Secteur aliments exposition
Where does food come from and how is it produced? How can we transport it? How can we ensure we have food to eat out of season? What methods do we use to cook, prepare or present our food to make it tasty and appetising? In this first sector, visitors explore the world of food to answer the fundamental question “What do I eat?”

The first area immerses visitors in idyllic countryside. Surrounded by interactive screens, they witness accelerated images of food in the making, from its development to its packaging, through the growth of maize and hops, the rearing of pigs and sturgeon and the gushing of fresh spring water.

After discovering the infinite variety of our food, visitors move on to Production, focussing on the different food systems to be found across the world. Objects used for gathering food, hunting, rearing livestock or crop farming are put into context and can be viewed three-dimensionally on tactile terminals.

To discover the journeys food makes after it has been produced, visitors can interact with a video wall which lights up according to the path selected. What better fun-filled way to learn about the different methods used for distributing, transporting and tracing food?

Talking about how food is produced and transported is enough to whet the appetite, but before it reaches our table, food first needs to be processed. To help visitors understand how our food is manufactured, preserved and prepared and the traditional and industrial processes this entails, the next area showcases more exhibits, presents interactive terminals and projects personal stories on film. There is also a fun introduction to cooking thanks to a large tactile table with interactive games involving recipes and culinary techniques.